Your unique exhibitor number.


Why was XNUM created?

The XNUM facility was created as a solution to the problem that many people have or appear to have the same name. This caused confusion with acceptances being rejected when the acceptances were reported to the recognizing organizations such as PSA, FIAP, etc. This became a major problem with the growing number of entrants from countries which do not use the western alphabet.

If you supply your XNUM when entering an exhibition, the exhibition uses that unique number when reporting the acceptances and there is then no confusion - your acceptances are credited to you and only you.

Do I use the same XNUM for all exhibitions?

Yes - you use the same XNUM in all exhibitions. That means that your acceptances are all credited to you and only you.

Why is XNUM free?

The purpose of XNUM is to ensure that everyone entering an exhibition will have their acceptances credited to them and no one else. We created the process to solve a direct problem that we and our friends were encountering. We did not create XNUM to make money. It has been sponsored by an organization which runs exhibitions but not for publicity or money.

Will my details be shared or used for marketing?

We only hold your name, country and the email address to which we send the XNUM assigned to you. We will never use your details for marketing or sell your details to anyone.

If asked by a responsible organization, such as the Photographic Society of America, or FIAP or GPU, we will provide them with just the XNUM, your name, country and email address so that they can verify your details when you claim your acceptances for distinctions.

Can I have more than one XNUM?

Although we cannot stop you from having more than one XNUM, it could mean that you cannot claim all your acceptances when applying for a distinction. When you apply for a distinction, you would need tell them your XNUM - they are unlikely to accept two or more different XNUM identifiers without a very good reason.

Must I have an XNUM identifier?

Right now you do not need to have an XNUM identifier when entering an exhibition. Some exhibitions will ask for an XNUM, other may not - yet. However, there are plans to make it compulsory to have a unique identifier and XNUM will satisfy that need.

It is in your own interest to have an XNUM. If an exhibition asks for your XNUM and you enter your number, you can then be sure your acceptances will be credited to you and only you.

How quickly can I get my XNUM?

Fill in the details on the entry page, press SUBMIT and the program will respond back with your XNUM. It will also send you an email with your number and your details. Because it is free, there is no delay.

You can then begin using the XNUM immediately.

What if I mis-type my XNUM when I enter an Exhibition?

The XNUM has been designed to make it easy to detect typing errors. If you swap two digits or mis-type one or two digits, it will be detected and reported back during the exhibition entry process. The exhibition does not need to contact us - the verification is done automatically and immediately by the exhibition software.

What if I change my name or move or change my email?

We know that people do change their name or the country they live in or their email address so you can change the details to keep them up-to-date. You can log-in using your XNUM and your password.

What if I forget my Password?

If you cannot remember your password you can enter the email address you gave us or your XNUM and we will send an email to you so you can reset your password. You can then log on and change your details.